Question 1 - Why is it important that my site be adapted and readable on cell phones?

Because more than 90% of the research before purchasing a product or service is now done on cell phones.

Question 2 - Why do new modern websites have many images?

Because as they say: a picture is worth a thousand words and according to marketing studies a picture imbues an emotion that sells.

Question 3 - Why do websites now have to have a security certificate that can be renewed regularly?

One of the reasons is that long-term security certificates are no longer accepted by APPLE and are declared expired after 90 days. This makes your site appear fraudulent in browsers. 

Question 4 - Why don't you have your customers sign a contract?

Because this way of doing things, which is common with online directories that force you to pay even if you are not satisfied, does not apply to us. No commitment or conditions to respect, if you are not satisfied, you can stop your promotion campaigns at any time. The satisfaction of our customers is the guarantee of success of our agency.

Question 5 - Why a marketing budget adapted to your situation?

Because each case is different, your geographical location, the competition in your sector of activity, your expectations on the speed of results are all criteria that influence the advertising component. We will advise you on the strategies to adopt to obtain convincing results with the least possible investment.

Question 6 - Why is it important to measure the results of an advertising campaign?

Because without performance measurements, you can spend large sums of money without knowing whether or not you are getting the return on your investment. This is often the case for clients who still use online directories without getting monthly reports on their website traffic. Are they paying more money than necessary? Without measuring clicks, no one knows.

Question 7 - Why is the speed at which my site is displayed on the screen so important?

For two reasons: It is proven that if the site does not appear within 3 seconds, people move on to the next one and also because Google measures this time and makes slow sites appear less often. We compress all files and publish a WebP version for fast sites so that they are not penalized by Google because of the display speed, and then we measure the download time of our sites with specialized tools.

Question 8 - Why is integrated project management important at PME Agence Web?

Because we believe that it is important to master all the steps of a Web project to obtain good results. Starting with the turnkey principle, in order to offer you a product that meets your expectations. We develop a winning strategy for your business, because your success is as important to us as our success, we work hand in hand to achieve good results.

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