But, what is a performing website?

First of all, let us specify that Google monopolizes 95% of the searches on the Internet, that is why, it is necessary that your site satisfies the criteria which it defined for successful sites in Google searches. 

Moreover, Google has developed an analysis tool to help webmasters ensure that web sites meet their standards.  

This tool is called "Lighthouse" and it contains 4 criteria of analysis; performance, accessibility, good coding practices, and SEO. A total of more than 90% in performance must be obtained to appear on the first page in Google searches with SEO.

Here are two examples of results obtained with Lighthouse

Our agency

The competition

All our websites get more than 90% in the analysis
This is far from always being a good results

All our websites get more than 90% in the analysis.

This is far from always being the case.

That's why before giving the mandate to an agency, check their websites with the Lighthouse tool simply by adding the Lighthouse extension in the Google Chrome browser and click on scan the page.

Lighthouse Extension in Chrome Store

Why do our websites perform well?

1. We don't use CMS, only high-level HTML code.

2. WHY don't we use CMS? The main reason is that they don't perform well, and require a lot of updates to remain secure.

3. A large number of marketing agencies use free software that was originally designed to create blogs, but since they use it to create websites and it wasn't designed for that purpose, it requires frequent patches at the client's expense. 

4. These agencies have to use several paid plug-ins to achieve better SEO and keep the site up and running, often at rates of over $100 an hour.

5. Your website  SECURITY is better with us than with an agency using a CMS. In 2021, an average of 8 new vulnerabilities were discovered every day in the themes or plug-ins of sites built with a CMS.

6. FASTER, on average, our sites display their content in 1.3 seconds. Our sites are fast right from the start, using the latest Webp image format, and because our servers are located in Quebec, latency is kept to a minimum.

7. The PERFORMANCE of our sites is analyzed, when they are completed, with the Lighthouse performance analysis tool developed by Google to ensure that they achieve at least 90% overall performance. We analyze speed, accessibility, good web coding practices and SEO. Very few agencies take the trouble to do this analysis, as it is very demanding in terms of time and resources to make the necessary corrections.

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